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         Nepal is located mainly in the Himalayas. Nepal is landlocked country in South Asia. 

1. Capital and Cties: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur, Biratnagar, Birgunj, Dharan, Janakpur, Itahari, Hetauda, Lahan, etc.........Kathmandu is the capital and largest city of Nepal.

2. Geography: Nepal is basically known for its divers geography including mountains, hills, Terai plains, Mount Everest and the worlds tallest peak.

3. Culture: Nepal has a rich cultural heritage influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism. Dashain is the biggest festival of Nepal. Nepal also celebrate Buddha Jayanti, Gai Jatra, Janai Purnima or Rakshya Bandhan, Teej, Shree Krishna Janmashtami, Fagun Purnima, Maghe Sankranti or Magh. About 15 days long festival and holidays of Nepal. It is the longest and the most auspicious festival in the nepalese annual calendar.

4. Language: Nepali is the official language in Nepal. There are 126 different ethnic groups in Nepal, and approximately 123 language in Nepal are used as the first language. Nepali is spoken by 78% of the population. Maithili is the second most spoken language.

5. Religion: Hinduism and Budduism are the two major religious in Nepal. As per the census of 2011

1. Hindu- 81.3%

2. Buddhist - 9.0%

3. Muslim- 4.4%

5. Kirant/Yumaist - 3.0%

6. Christian - 1.4%

7. 0.9% follows other religion.

6. Economy: Nepal is one of the most disaster- prone countries in the world. This is another reason why Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. As per 20 september 2023 Nepals economy is anticipated to grow by 4.3% in fiscal year 2024, up from an estimated growth of 1.9% in fiscal year 2023, says the ADO. Basically Agriculture is a significant part of Nepals economy, tourism also playing a crucial role. Remittances from Nepali workers abroad are an important source of income ( mostly in India ).

7. Government: In the newly elected constitution Assembly declared that Nepal is a Federal Democratic Republic. Nepal enacted a new constitution in 2015 that included a federal structure of government designed to devolved power and authority to 753 local governments and seven provinces. The head of state is the president and the prime minister holds the position of the head of executive. 

    Nepal is unique blend of culture, spirituality and natural beauty like The Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world. Nepal is popular destination for travelers and trekkers from around the world.

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