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                            GENERAL AWARENESS  1. Which film bagged 10 filmfare awards in the 51st Filmfare Award in 2006 ? a. Paheli b. Apharan c. Black d. Parineeta Ans: c. 2. With which dance form is Sonal Mansingh associated ? a. Kuchipuddi b. Mohiniyattam c. Kathak d. Odissi Ans: d. 3. From which place did the dance from Mohiniyattam develop ? a. Kerala b. Karnataka c. Tamil Nadu d. Maharashtra Ans: a. 4. Among the following which is the folk dance of India ? a. Kathakali b. Bharat Natyam c. Garba d. Mohiniyattam Ans: c. 5. The festival of colours ''Holi'' is celebrated on : a. the month of Bhadrapada b. the full moon of Phalgun c. the full moon in the month of Ashadha d. None of these Ans: b. 6. The significance of ''Navratri'' is _________ . a. the victory of the good over the evil b. the victory over our own mind c. the importance of love and commitment d. None of these Ans: b. 7. 'Sattriya' is the popular dance form of _________. a. Kera


                            HISTORY 1. Who introduced the token currency for the first time in India ?      a. Muhammad-bin-Tughlag      b. Shah Jahan      c. babar      d. Shivaji Ans: a. 2. Which new city did Akbar build near Agra ?     a. Vrindavan     b. Shahjahanbad     c. Fatehpur Sikri     d. None of these Ans: c. 3. Name the last Mughal Emperor to sit on the Peacock Throne.     a. Muhammad Ibrahim     b. Ahmad Shah     c. Muhammad Shah     d. Azam Shah Ans: c. 4. Who was the founder of the holy city of Amritsar ? a. Guru Nanak  b. Guru Ram Das  c. Ranjit Singh d. Sri Govind Singh Ans: b. 5. During whose reign did Mahakavi Kalidas live ? a. Chandragupta -II b. Samudragupta c. Ashoka the Great d. Chandragupta Maurya Ans: a. 6. Who was the first Indian emperor to be depicted on a coin featuring a veena ? a. Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq b. Akbar c. Sher Shah Suri d. Samudragupta Ans: d. 7. Who, according to Jains, was the founder of Jaiunsm ? a. Rishabhadeva b. Mahavira c. Arishtanemi d. S