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                            GENERAL AWARENESS 

1. Which film bagged 10 filmfare awards in the 51st Filmfare Award in 2006 ?

a. Paheli

b. Apharan

c. Black

d. Parineeta

Ans: c.

2. With which dance form is Sonal Mansingh associated ?

a. Kuchipuddi

b. Mohiniyattam

c. Kathak

d. Odissi

Ans: d.

3. From which place did the dance from Mohiniyattam develop ?

a. Kerala

b. Karnataka

c. Tamil Nadu

d. Maharashtra

Ans: a.

4. Among the following which is the folk dance of India ?

a. Kathakali

b. Bharat Natyam

c. Garba

d. Mohiniyattam

Ans: c.

5. The festival of colours ''Holi'' is celebrated on :

a. the month of Bhadrapada

b. the full moon of Phalgun

c. the full moon in the month of Ashadha

d. None of these

Ans: b.

6. The significance of ''Navratri'' is _________ .

a. the victory of the good over the evil

b. the victory over our own mind

c. the importance of love and commitment

d. None of these

Ans: b.

7. 'Sattriya' is the popular dance form of _________.

a. Kerala

b. Karnataka

c. Mizoram

d. Assam

Ans: d.

8. With which state is the 'Kathakali' dance related ?

a. Rajasthan

b. Gujarat

c. Kerala

d. Karnataka

Ans: c.

9. Which musical instrument is called as the ''Queen of Musical Instrument'' ?

a. Flute

b. Violin

c. Veena

d. Shehnai

Ans: c.

10. Which of the following festival is celebrated on the 25th December each year ?

a. Navaratri

b. Vijayadasami

c. Deepavali

d. Christmas

Ans: d.

11. Which one of the following festival signifies the victory of thew good over the evil ?

a. Raksha Bandhan

b. Good Friday

c. Vijayadasami

d. Mahavir Jayanti

Ans: c.

12. Which festival is known as the festival of colours ?

a. Ram Navami

b. Janmashtami

c. Holi

d. Gandhi Jayanti

Ans: c.

13. ' Chakmas' is a popular tribe which belongs to ________.

a. Jammu and Kashmir

b. Himachal Pradesh

c. Tripura

d. Uttar Pradesh

Ans: c.

14.  'Bodo, Missing' Kachari, Rabha' are some famous tribes which belong to this state. Name this state of India.

a. Manipur

b. Punjab

c. Madhya Pradesh

d. Assam

Ans: d.

15. Name the instrument which is used in Manipuri dance.

a. Tabla

b. Pung

c. Sitar

d. Shehnai

Ans: b.

16. The different positions of hand and face during dance are called ________.

a. Taal

b. Mudra

c. Bhav

d. Raag

Ans: b.

17. Name the famous dancer who is called the 'Queen of Bharatanatyam'.

a. Rukmini Devi

b. Balasaraswati

c. Jyoti Subramaniam

d. Mahalakshmi

Ans: b.

18. Name the musician who adopted guitar to Hindustani music.

a. Pt Ravi  Sankar

b. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

c. R.D. Burman

d. Remo

Ans: a.

19. Which festival marks the beginning of the Sikh Khalsa ?

a. Lohri

b. Guru Parv

c. Baisakhi

d. Gugga Naumi

Ans: c.

20. Which festival celebrated Christ's rising death ?

a. Good Friday

b. Easter Saturday

c. Easter

d. Christmas

Ans: c.

21. For which temple is Gaya famous ?

a. The Mahakali Temple

b. The Mahabodhi Temple

c. The Mahakal Temple

d. The Mahashiva Temple

Ans: b.

22. Which religious faith is associated with the 'Lotus Temple' in New Delhi ?

a. Krishna

b. Bahai

c. Shiva

d. Brahma

Ans: b.

23. '' Temple Tirupati Balaji'' is situated in which part of India ?

a. North west

b. Northern

c. Southern

d. South  West

Ans: c.

24. Mount Abu in Rajasthan is associated with which religion ?

a. Hinduism

b. Buddhism

c. Sikhism

d. Jainism

Ans: d.

25. Which Veda is popularly known as the ''Canon of Chants'' ?

a. Sama Veda

b. Yajur Veda

c. Rig Veda

d. Atharva Veda

Ans: d.

26. _________ is not a form of carnatic music.

a. Slokem

b. Kriti

c. Thillana

d. Tappa

Ans: d.

27. During whose reign did thre Mughal paintings reach its climax ?

a. Shah Jahan

b. Humayun

c. Jahangir

d. Akbar

Ans: c.

28. Khordad Sal is the festival of :

a. Sikhs

b. Jains

c. Parsis

d. Buddhists

Ans: c.

29. ___________ is not associated with sitar.

a. Pandit Ravi Shankar

b. Amir Khusro

c. Amjad Ali Khan

d. Ustad Allaudin Khan

Ans: c.

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