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All India examination Question & Answer Part I


1. Which Indian religious has recently been included in the representative list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO, an organisation of the United Nations ?

Ans: Durga Puja.

2. Which state government decided to conduct a caste-based census called the 'Jaati Aadharit Ganana' exercise ?

Ans: Bihar

3. In Tennis, what is the score when the receiver wins the next point after deuce ?

Ans: Advantage out

4. Name an alkylbenzene widely used as a chemical intermediate in the production of phenol ?

Ans: Cumene

5. On 5 April 2022, who was appointed as the Chairman of the Union Public Service ?

Ans: Monoj Soni

6. Battle of Buxar was fought in..........?

Ans: 1764

7. The word India came from the Indus, called --------- in Sanskrit.

Ans: Sindhu

8. In 1931, who recognised that an aromatic compound must have an odd number of pairs of electrons, which can mathematically be written as 4n+2 (n=0,1,2,3 etc.) ?

Ans: Erich Huckel

9. The 22nd Commonwealth Games are scheduled to be held in which of the following countries ?

Ans: England

10. Lake Kolleru is situated in which of the following states ?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

11. In which of the places is the Tak Tok festival celebrated ?

Ans: Ladakh

12. One of the worst industrial disasters of all time occurred in Bhopal on December 1984, in which factories ?

Ans: Union Carbide

13. Dekhni is a folk dance associated with which Indian state ?

Ans: Goa

14. Which is one of the Open Market Operations by the Reserve Bank Of India ?

Ans: Buying and selling of bonds issued by the Government in the open market

15. Which is called the 'Metal of the future' ?

Ans: Titanium

16. How many shells (cells) are there in Amoeba ?

Ans: One

17. Which is the largest railway station in the North East Frontier Railway ?

Ans: Maligaon

18. Which gas is used in the refrigerator ?

Ans: Freon

19. Who was the author of the first book printed in the Assamese Language ?

Ans: Atmaram Sharma

20. What are the heater wires made of ?

Ans: Nichrome

21. The Gupta king who assured the title of Vikramaditya ?

Ans: Chandragupta 2

22. How many present members of the Constituent Assembly signed the Constitution ?

Ans: 284

23. Which article of the indian Constitution says that members elected by the president can't vote in the election of President ?

Ans: Article 55

24. Which article of the Indian constitution deals with constitutional amendments ?

Ans: Article 368

25. Which constitutional amendment reduced voting rights from 21 years to 18 years ?

Ans: 61st

26. What is the India's rank in the 2023 world press Freedom Index ?

Ans : 161 out of 180 countries

27. Which is called 'The City of Golden Temple' ?

Ans: Aritsar

28. Which is the Highest Plateau ?

Ans: Pamir ( Tibet )

29. Which is called ' God's Own Country' ?

Ans: Kerala

30. Which is called 'The sugar Bowl of the World' ?

Ans: Cuba

31. Which day is celebrated as 'World Press Freedom Day' ?

Ans: 3rd May

32. Which is the biggest Flower ?

Ans: Rafflesia

33. Which is the Highest Lake ?

Ans: Titicaca

34. Which is the Largest Bird ?

Ans: Ostrich

35. Which is the first state in India that has been formed on a purely linguistic basis ?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

36. The famous Thirumala Thirupathi Venkateswara Temple is in which district ?

Ans: Chittoor

37. Which Government introduced the food for work program first ?

Ans: Janatha Government (1977)

38. What is the Name of the state with the largest number of registered newspapers ?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

39. Which place in assam is said to be the meetin plach of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam ?

Ans: Hajo

40. What is the base year to calculate the National  income in India ?

Ans: 2011-2012

41. Which state in India is the major producer of mulberry silk ?

Ans: Karnataka

42. Which Article deals with the duties of the 'Prime Minister Of India' ?

Ans: Article 78

43. Who regulated Mutual funds in India ?


44. What is the rank of India in world in terms of rice export ?

Ans: 2nd rank

45. India's rank among coal producing countries is ?

Ans: 3rd rank

46. To which country  does India export the largest amount of iron ore ?

Ans: Japan

47. Where is Dalal Street located ?

Ans: Mumbai

48. Which day is celebrated as world Hindi day ?

Ans: 10 of January

49. Where did the British first open their factories in the Eastern part of India ?

Ans: Orissa

50. Who formed the Swaraj Party ?

Ans: C.R. Das

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