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Assam Direct Recruitment Grade 4 Exam Question Papers PDF File

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 1.Where is the Narendra Modi stadium located ?

Ans: Motera, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

2. What is the full form of MPLAD scheme?

Ans: Member of Parliament Local Area Development  Scheme.

3. Kanaklata Baruah was died during which freedom movement?

Ans: The quit India Movement.

4. What is the name of Indias first satellite?

Ans: Aryabhata spacecraft.

5. Where is the state Museum of assam located?

Ans: Guwahati, assam.

6. What is the name of the currency of the UAE?

Ans: United Arab Emirates Dirham.

7. First Assamese ICS ?

Ans: Anondoram Boruah.

8. First Indian Astronaut?

Ans: Rakesh Sharma.

9. Who is the last king of Ahom Dynasty ?

Ans: Purandar Singha.

10. Whom to called iron Man of Assam ?

Ans: Bishnuram Medhi.

11. Durand line between which two countries ?

Ans: Afghanistan and Pakistan.

12. Headquarters of North East Police Academy ?

Ans: Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya.

13. Hima das is related to which Sports ?

Ans: Short running.

14. Victoria Memorial is situated in which city ?

Ans: Kolkata.

15. Which game has no use of Ball?

Ans: Badminton.

16. First Assamese sonnet published in which magazine ?

Ans: Jonaki.

17. Baan theatre is located in which place ?

Ans: Tezpur.

18. Group of tiger is called ?

Ans: Streak.

19. Who is the Chairperson of the NITI Commission ?

Ans: Prime Minister of India.

20. When was the first colorful television introduce in India ?

Ans: 1982.

21. Which is the longest river in the world ?

Ans: Amazon River.

22. What is the full form of LAD ?

Ans: Local Area Development.

23. Where was the first Mobile Theatre organised ?

Ans: Pathsala.

24. Which island is largest in the worlds ?

Ans: Green Land.

25. Who is named the father of Geometry ?

Ans: Euclid.

26. Who is named the Nightingale of India ?

Ans: Sarojini Naidu.

27. Which is The National Bird of India ?

Ans: Indian Peacock.

28. Which state is known as Orchid Paradise in India ?

Ans: Arunachal Pradesh.

29. Which is the National Song of India ?

Ans: Vande Mataram.

30. How many days are there in a leap year ?

Ans: 366 Days.

31. Which is known as the longest river on the earth ?

Ans: Nile.

32. Name an animal that has a hump on its back ?

Ans: Camel.

33. The highest Dam in India is-

Ans: Tehri Dam.

34. Who invented Penicillin ?

Ans: Alexander Fleming.

35. What country is at the top in robotics ?

Ans: Japan.

36. Where is the tower of silence situated ?

Ans: India.

37. Who invented telebision ?

Ans: J.L Baird.

38. Who is called the magician of hockey ?

Ans: Major Dhyan Chand.

39. Which country is called the father of the Chess game ?

Ans: India.

40. Who won the first T20 World Cup ?

Ans: India.

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